We strive to make a real difference in our
    customers lives in Japan, & to
    strengthen the U.S. & Japan partnership.
    We create a ramp from the moment
    one has orders to Japan and begin offering
    basic services. Throughout the duration
    of a clients tour in Japan, we continue to offer
    a wide range of affordable full services.
    Building a successful business is
    directly related to the people you know.
    At NoJo Enterprise, we have a platform
    that gives partners the tools to start
    building from our relationships.
    Investors & partners save
    time when they communicate their
    priorities directly with our staff.
    We have an extensive background
    of knowledge related to our target audiences.
  • U.S. Military Personnel

    U.S. military personnel are faced with
    barriers living overseas. Most are related to
    lack of knowledge, language barriers,
    & host country policies.

    We aim to bridge the gap, to provide
    military & government personnel every
    opportunity a host national is
    eligible for living in Japan.

NoJo Enterprise is the fastest innovation company in Japan, targeting:

1. Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) Personnel

2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) Personnel

3. All Foreign Tourists & Local Foreign Residents

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